Hot Pink Bikinis: The History of This Swimwear Staple

Hot Pink Bikinis: The History of This Swimwear Staple

The colour pink has long been associated with femininity, and there are countless photographs of famous people wearing pink swimwear. While all shades of pink are popular, the hot pink bikini always takes the cake. 

1. The Early Years: Some of the most iconic photographs in history are of celebrities donning a pink suit. Some of the favourites include Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. 

2. The 70's and 80's: During her 1980s "Material Girl" era, Madonna was frequently photographed wearing pink swimwear. Other celebs like Janet Jackson and Christy Brinkley were showing their love for the hot pink bikini during this era as well. 

3. Today:
Nowadays, it's common to see 50 shades of pink at the beach and poolside alike. Actresses, singers, and the Kardashians all know how to get noticed in this popular colour. Pink tends to look good on everyone.

Pink swimwear has been a go-to for Hollywood A-listers for decades, and the colour has appeared in countless iconic photos of the stars. Furthermore, many celebrities have worn pink swimsuits on the red carpet or at the beach to support Breast Cancer Awareness. Whether it's a strappy one piece swimsuit or a hot pink bikini set, pink is more than just a trend.


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